In Your Eyes

Just stop for a moment And let me breath Just look in my eyes And let me live. Babe, Don’t say anything Sit for a while Hold my hands And hug me tight. Beautiful, Universe inside, filled with flames Twilight of my life, The stars will die Only we will remain. ❤️ Advertisements

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My Home

Stillness of the still sky Moon with a shine of sigh Blue eyes. Ocean deep Waves with a string so sweet You in which the night sleeps Dreams die I live My home.

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Our Story❤️

Among some old, among some new I saw her and nothing felt new Still something that made me mad Her smile that felt so glad With some Chats, with some Talks I told her along that walk Still something that was in her heart Stopped her from being my heart Yet so close, yet so […]

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I had to click some pics for my School’s Project on the topic ‘Social Work’, and so I went inside one of the tents (Which didn’t look like the normal ones) indeed, which were homes of some people on the roadside built with Love… A boy, as I saw, was playing with something… A Lattu(Top) […]



With the eyes which are closed With a dream in those eyes I feel really scared I can feel those tears; Of the Nature… With the humans who are destroyed With the nature they destroyed I feel really scared I can feel those tears; Of the Nature… With the eyes which are open With a […]

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You can’t be mine You won’t be mine Still I crave for you Why I crave for you? The time I gave The memories you gave Still I dream of them Why I dream of them? The Love I had The Pain you had Still I can feel them Why I couldn’t heal them? This […]

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